Update on LP Approach to Gnoss Field

The FAA division that handles amendments to instrument procedures has accepted a request to provide LP approach minimum criteria to the RNAV (GPS) RWY 13 approach to Gnoss Field. The expectation of this additional minimum will provide a lower ceiling decision height than the LNAV or Circling minima due to the greater accuracy of avionics certified to fly an LP approach.

One requirement will be to add runway markings to the threshold of runway 13 at Gnoss Field. We’ve been told that Marin County is planning on making those improvements so that the LP approach can be flight checked.

The process for scheduling the amended instrument procedure involves a prioritization assessment that has not yet been completed. Even so, the process is likely to take several months due to the backlog of instrument approaches being worked on by the FAA.

Published by Gnoss Field Community Association

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