Fly Friendly

Pilots are encouraged to “fly friendly” to or from or over Gnoss Field so that our neighbors close to the airport experience less noise and annoyances from low-flying aircraft. While flight safety remains paramount, choosing to avoid flying over neighborhoods south and southeast of Gnoss Field will be appreciated.

Gnoss Field Traffic Pattern

Our Neighbors in the Community Need Us to Avoid Annoyances from Low Flying Aircraft

Marin 99s

We have reached out to neighbors who expressed concerns about low-flying aircraft over their homes. When they hear that we care and adjust how we fly, then they respect pilots from Gnoss Field.

Susan Royce,
Chair, Marin 99s

CB SkyShare

Our business serves many pilots who fly from other airports to Gnoss Field. Once they know that we have these “Fly Friendly” procedures, they understand that we care and agree to avoid flying over the homes nearby.

Clay Lingo,
CB SkyShare

Scanlon Aviation

Our business depends upon training pilots as well as maintaining aircraft both based at Gnoss Field and coming from farther away. Flying friendly to respect our neighbors will help ensure that our airport can continue to operate successfully.

Patrick Scanlon
Scanlon Aviation

Print your own poster

Here are two versions of this poster, one for 8.5×11-inch paper and the other 11×17-inch paper. GFCA produced some 11×17 posters on glossy paper for local flight instructors and Skyshare will hand out postcards to visiting pilots with this information.