Visit Gnoss Field

Visitors to Gnoss Field are welcome to bring friends, children or just hang out watching airplanes. We have two areas for visitors, one a shady area with benches near the main parking lot, and the other an observation deck with chairs as part of the administration building.

Shady Viewing Area

This shady viewing area has benches, a historical information display, dedication plaques and a planespotting banner on the wall of the green shed. To hear the radio transmissions, there is a radio speaker tuned to the airport frequency.

Two dedication plaques are mounted on the large rock in this area. The historical information display was created as an Eagle Scout project by Evan Colenbrander. The planespotting banner describes where to look for aircraft and the pattern they fly to land or depart Gnoss Field.

Gnoss Field Shady Viewing Area, 351 Airport Road, Novato, CA 9494

Observation Deck over Ramp Area

The observation deck overlooks the ramp where planes park and load and unload pilots and passengers. There are chairs as well as a radio speaker tuned to the airport frequency.

To reach the observation deck, you will need to walk through the pedestrian gate and then around the building and up the stairs. Caution: you will be entering the airport operations area to reach the stairs, so please be cautious and avoid moving aircraft, since the propellor may be moving but hard to see. And please do not approach or touch any aircraft.

Gnoss Field Observation Deck, 451 Airport Road, Novato, CA 94945

Gnoss Field Planespotting Banner

You can print your own copy of the planespotting banner so you can look more closely at the details about how airplanes fly near Gnoss Field.