Reflections from a STEM graduate of GFCA Pegasus Project

GFCA has made a huge impact for many kids in the senior STEM engineering class at San Marin High School. The Pegasus Project is something that we were told about throughout our STEM path and is a very exciting project that many kids looked forward to working on.

San Marin High School seniors in STEM Engineering, class of 2019, with their teacher and GFCA mentors, standing with completed RV-12 wing assembly.

Many people are mind blown when you say you helped build an airplane in your high school engineering class. The mentors and the connections you build through this program are phenomenal, and it is truly inspiring to be around so many educated and accomplished adults who want to help you grow and succeed!

I learned so much about collaboration, team work, organization, the list is endless. This program helped me grow as an individual in many ways, and gave me something to look forward to when I went to school every day.

I was so inspired by these mentors and this project, that I decided to do a fundraiser to help purchase the next kit for the RV-12 airplane we were making. My classmates, the mentors, and I organized an event to raise money for the Pegasus Project.

STEM Seniors, Class of 2019, who organized and spoke at Pegasus Fundraiser, June 2019

It was a great learning experience, and it showed me the power of a student body that, with the right guidance, can do amazing things. Together, with the extra support of Rick and Susan, we created an amazing event where we raised $7,000 for the project.

I am extremely proud of my classmates and our fundraiser. It was an amazon experience, and something I will always cherish. I will always remember this class and the mentors that guided us through it. Thank you to GFCA for giving hundreds of students the opportunity to learn and experience something new, exciting, and truly inspiring. 

STEM Fundraiser for Pegasus project, June 2019
Olivia Matheson

Graduate of San Marin High School. Participated in STEM Engineering class to build an RV-12 through the Pegasus project funded and managed by GFCA. Currently attending San Diego State University

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  1. Thank you, Olivia, for the great article about your experience with the STEM program. It was a pleasure working with you and getting to know you!! Sue Royce

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