Feb 11 Breakfast

Airport Land Use Planning for Gnoss Field While Gnoss Field Airport is surrounded by wetlands with little development pressure, recent changes to the Housing Element brought new challenges. Increasing residential density around Gnoss Field will bring more neighbors closer to the airport than ever before. Unfortunately, the 32-year old Airport Land Use Plan of 1991Continue reading “Feb 11 Breakfast”

Reflections from a STEM graduate of GFCA Pegasus Project

GFCA has made a huge impact for many kids in the senior STEM engineering class at San Marin High School. The Pegasus Project is something that we were told about throughout our STEM path and is a very exciting project that many kids looked forward to working on. Many people are mind blown when youContinue reading “Reflections from a STEM graduate of GFCA Pegasus Project”

Flying Friendly for our Neighbors

Last March, one of my fellow Rotarians, Jackie Bonner, reached out regarding the issue of low-flying airplanes over her home south of the airport.  It was not only the close proximity of the airplanes, but the loud noise, some worse than others.  After listening to her concerns, I asked her to start recording the timeContinue reading “Flying Friendly for our Neighbors”

Planes for Puppies

I learned to fly out of Gnoss Field airport, Novato, and have been involved in the local aviation community for over twenty-five years.  In September 2020, I got an email from a volunteer with Guide Dogs for the Blind (GD) who knew about my aviation connections.  The organization was looking for pilots to transport adult dogsContinue reading “Planes for Puppies”

Update on LP Approach to Gnoss Field

The FAA division that handles amendments to instrument procedures has accepted a request to provide LP approach minimum criteria to the RNAV (GPS) RWY 13 approach to Gnoss Field. The expectation of this additional minimum will provide a lower ceiling decision height than the LNAV or Circling minima due to the greater accuracy of avionicsContinue reading “Update on LP Approach to Gnoss Field”

Napa County Airport and the FAA invite your input on proposed taxiway changes at Napa KAPC

Napa County Airport staff is preparing for the upcoming Taxiway “H” rehabilitation project. As a part of the project’s safety and outreach components, the Federal Aviation Administration’s Local Runway Safety Action Team (RSAT) will host a Microsoft Teams meeting to address safety topics and questions from the public. Airport Staff will also engage in theContinue reading “Napa County Airport and the FAA invite your input on proposed taxiway changes at Napa KAPC”